Multiplication strategies

*Note: We have our Operations test on Wednesday October 30.  It will be on addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Here is our anchor chart for multiplying by 1-digit numbers.



And here is our strategy for multiplying by 2-digit numbers.


Students are expected to master at least one strategy for our test on Wednesday October 30.  They should also be comfortable with at least one other strategy.

This is an example of a test question:

image(Just the question with the lightbulb!  The “super-ultra fantastic bonus question” was just a fun extra for them.  It was actually pretty amazing to see how many of them were crowding around this question during their nutrition break trying to solve it.  Have your child show you how the picture works!).


A message from our student teacher

We have the privilege of welcoming a student teacher from Brock University this school year.  Here is a little introductory letter from him:

Hello parents! My name is Calvin Wieske, a teacher candidate in the Junior/Intermediate teacher education program at Brock University. I have recently had the opportunity to begin my internship and have spent the last several weeks working hard, having a blast and learning lots in the 51 classroom at Gatestone Elementary. I will continue to observe and help in class on November 7,8,14 and 15, and then begin my first practice teaching block from November 18-December 20. I love to learn and share my learning with others, have a special passion for Science and English and am also a part of the Ed tech program at Brock, seeking to bring 21st century technology into the classroom in an exciting and productive way! I hope to be able to connect with you soon, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Mrs. Radonicich or myself and we would be glad to speak with you! Hope to speak to you soon!

Daily 3 & Literacy Routines

We’ve finally started adding the Daily 3 to our routine.  Daily 3 will take place for 50 minutes (1 period) of our 100 minute literacy block.  In this time, students are expected to complete all 3 activities – Word Work, Read to Self and Work on Writing – in which ever order they please.  Please see Daily 3 Expectations that were reviewed in class today, as well as a sample of our slide from October 7-10.

New words of the week will be introduced every Monday.  Students will get the chance to work with these words during the week in preparation for our spelling test at the end of each week.

Ready for our test?

Here are the answers that we reviewed for our test tomorrow.

PVAdditionSubtraction Example

I will change the wording on question #3 from Value to Place Value to make it more clear (students are to write ones, tens, hundreds or thousands).  I will also change the wording for question #7 from closer to closest.  We found this much more clear when going over our answers.  The test will take the exact same format as the review, but with different numbers.

Blow it up!

We conducted an experiment today to answer the question “How do you know a gas has been formed if the gas is invisible?”  We combined Alka-Seltzer with water inside a plastic bag.  Student observations included bubbles, mist and fizzing occurring inside the bag.  Key learning from this activity was that gas takes the shape of its container, which is why we saw the bag inflate.

Chemical Changes

Today was the day of my favourite experiment – blowing up a bottle of Diet Coke with Mentos mints!  This demonstrated chemical changes in matter (combined a solid with a liquid, and created a new substance – gas!).  Students learned that chemical changes are irreversible (or difficult to reverse) and that a new substance is formed.

The first test was completed with room temperature Diet Coke:

Then we used a cool bottle of Diet Coke and recorded our observations:

We noticed that the cool bottle didn’t go as high as the room temperature bottle.

We tried the experiment a third time with a warmed bottle:

We were pretty excited to find that the warm bottle went higher than the first two!  Challenge your child at home to tell you why the warm bottle went higher!