The homework policy for Class 51 is as follows:

  • Incomplete work that should have been completed in class will be sent home and is expected back the next day.
  • Extra work may be sent home for individuals, small groups, or the whole class if extra practice is needed on a particular skill (for example, a math worksheet on multiplying 2-digit numbers).  I would prefer this work to be handed in the next day, however I will allow one extra day for completion (taking into account hockey practices, swimming lessons, etc.).  If the work is sent home on a Friday, the work should be completed for Monday.
  • Assignments may be sent home occasionally if students require help researching a topic.  Generally, all writing will be done at school so I can give sufficient feedback.  However, final drafts/presentations using technology/etc. can be sent home to publish.
  • Students are expected to be reading daily (in which ever form they find most enjoyable!)
  • Any student going on vacation or any other extended absence will not be given curriculum based activities to complete while they are absent.  Please use this experience as a real-life learning experience for your child.  Suggested ideas are: keeping a travel journal, doing real-life math exercises, writing a comparison of your hometown and place of travel, etc.

If you would like your child to complete extra work, there are many commercially produced products that you can purchase from Scholar’s Choice on Upper Wentworth at a reasonable price.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Click here for the HWDSB Elementary Homework Brochure.