Healthy Relationships

For Health today, we worked on building healthy relationships with family, friends and peers.  We focused on ways to enhance relationships with these groups.  Students will be performing random acts of kindness over the next week for a homework assignment. 🙂


I’m sure that many of you have been hearing about our new DPA and Phys Ed initiative called Run4Change.  We have been (and will continue) to train for a 5km run/walk in May for the purpose of eradicating child poverty in Canada (Hamilton has a child poverty rate that is 38% higher than the rest of Canada).  It is also a great way for all of us to improve our physical fitness.

We will be collecting funds to raise our goal of $500.  The money goes directly back into our community – backpacks full of school supplies are provided to students in Hamilton living in lower-income areas.

In addition to giving back to the community, your child is gaining all the benefit of daily physical activity, learning to persevere through difficult tasks, and gaining better focus in school.

Click here if you would like to donate, and please feel free to copy and paste the link into your e-mails:

More information about the date will be shared when available.

Ridgeview Set List

Here are the songs that we will be singing for our trip to Ridgeview Long Term Care Centre on the 19th.  Please practice the songs at home so we are ready to perform at our best!

*We are having a little difficulty with our timing on some songs and lyrics on others.  Please practice the songs that you have difficulty with more than the ones you find easy 🙂

Here Comes Santa Claus lyrics

Winter Wonderland lyrics

Feliz Navidad lyrics

Chipmunk lyrics

All I Want for Christmas is You lyrics

Student Blogs

Long time no post!  Now that progress reports and parent-teacher-student interviews are nearly complete, I’m hoping to get back to the business of keeping you informed on what is going on in room 209.

We’ve been busy at work on the Commons working on our student blogs.  Each student in the class now has their own blog space, so make sure to bookmark/favourite your child’s site and check it periodically.  This will be a space where they can share their thoughts and learning with you and the rest of the blogosphere.  You can access their blog from the dropdown list at the top, right-hand side of the menu bar.

Most students have a welcome post, a post about their artwork (a project called “Disproportionate Portraits”), and a BitStrips comic about bullying.  Feel free to leave them a comment and let them know what you think!

Here is an example of the BitStrips comic that I created and shared with the class as a model.

A message from our student teacher

We have the privilege of welcoming a student teacher from Brock University this school year.  Here is a little introductory letter from him:

Hello parents! My name is Calvin Wieske, a teacher candidate in the Junior/Intermediate teacher education program at Brock University. I have recently had the opportunity to begin my internship and have spent the last several weeks working hard, having a blast and learning lots in the 51 classroom at Gatestone Elementary. I will continue to observe and help in class on November 7,8,14 and 15, and then begin my first practice teaching block from November 18-December 20. I love to learn and share my learning with others, have a special passion for Science and English and am also a part of the Ed tech program at Brock, seeking to bring 21st century technology into the classroom in an exciting and productive way! I hope to be able to connect with you soon, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Mrs. Radonicich or myself and we would be glad to speak with you! Hope to speak to you soon!