Multiplication strategies

*Note: We have our Operations test on Wednesday October 30.  It will be on addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Here is our anchor chart for multiplying by 1-digit numbers.



And here is our strategy for multiplying by 2-digit numbers.


Students are expected to master at least one strategy for our test on Wednesday October 30.  They should also be comfortable with at least one other strategy.

This is an example of a test question:

image(Just the question with the lightbulb!  The “super-ultra fantastic bonus question” was just a fun extra for them.  It was actually pretty amazing to see how many of them were crowding around this question during their nutrition break trying to solve it.  Have your child show you how the picture works!).


Go for the Greatest

We played a place value game where students had to draw a 5-frame and create the largest number possible.  It was interesting to hear some of the strategies they came up with.

Key learnings that came from this game were that we need to do two things when comparing numbers and determining which one has the greatest value: 1) Find out which one has the most digits (more digits=greater value) and 2) Start comparing digits from the left (we sang a little Beyonce to help us remember this rule!)