Student Blogs

Long time no post!  Now that progress reports and parent-teacher-student interviews are nearly complete, I’m hoping to get back to the business of keeping you informed on what is going on in room 209.

We’ve been busy at work on the Commons working on our student blogs.  Each student in the class now has their own blog space, so make sure to bookmark/favourite your child’s site and check it periodically.  This will be a space where they can share their thoughts and learning with you and the rest of the blogosphere.  You can access their blog from the dropdown list at the top, right-hand side of the menu bar.

Most students have a welcome post, a post about their artwork (a project called “Disproportionate Portraits”), and a BitStrips comic about bullying.  Feel free to leave them a comment and let them know what you think!

Here is an example of the BitStrips comic that I created and shared with the class as a model.

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